Inbound: Crew road access after MQ


Crew road access after MQ / TBD  (39°16’52.63”N, 106°26’30.55”W)

  • Park on side of road

Often a better place to crew (check to make sure it's OK), on the return, is at the end of the Turquoise Lake Trail, where it crosses the road, just E of the dam. About 1/2 mile after the second boat ramp, you go up a short, steep hill to the road. Crews should park in the turnout, across the road, a bit E of the Turquoise trail, where the runners head down under the power line. Please don't block the road or trail. Although it's not an official crew station, race management is aware that people crew there and condone it (at least before the sale in 2010). Check with the new race management.


  • Where to park
  • What to have ready
    • Fill water bottles, add perpetuem, etc
    • Optional bag
    • Foods
      • + 2 shot blocks
    • Clothes
      • No change should be needed here
    • Gear
      • No gear change should be needed here


  • Take old water bottles
  • Take trash
  • Take clothing layers
  • Provide fresh water bottles
  • Provide foods
  • motivate runners!