Inbound: Fish Hatchery / Outward Bound


Fish hatchery (39°13’33.39”N, 106°23’31.60”W)

  • Arrive at aid station


  • Where to park / setup
  • Mimi get ready to pace again
  • What to have ready
    • Fill water bottles, add perpetuem, etc
    • Optional bag
    • Foods
      • + 2 shot blocks
    • Clothes
      • No change should be needed here
    • Gear
      • No gear change should be needed here


  • - Amy as pacer
  • + Mimi as pacer
  • Ask if poles are still needed
  • Take old water bottles
  • Take trash
  • Take clothing layers
  • Provide fresh water bottles
  • Provide foods
  • motivate runners!  runners who leave here have a 90% chance of finishing


  • Head to Inbound: May Queen (right away, take time, when to rest, etc)
  • Should be able to make it back tot he cabin to nap for a few
  • Set multiple alarms even if just in the car or aid station
  • Time til we meet again: 4 hours
  • Commute time: 30 minutes