Part 9: May Queen to Finish!

  • May Queen (13.5m)
  • Outward Bound (23.5m)
  •  Halfmoon II (30.5m)
  • Twin Lakes (39.5m)
  • Winfield (50m)
  • Twin Lakes (60.5m)
  • Halfmoon II (69.5m)
  • Outward Bound (76.5m)
  • May Queen (86.5m).
May Queen ... beat the dawn and you have a great race shaping up ... get there in the morning light and make the cutoff and you still can finish under 30.  It's a looooooong walk to the finish and it takes about 3.5 hours.  Every second counts and every running step you make is more assurance that you will finish.  The final miles on the dirt road leading to the finish is endless and featureless.  Keep an eye on the watch and PUSH.  If you can (or have to) run ... it is amazing and possible to find some last inner reserve of strength that will allow 'superhuman' strength and endurance.

Your crew can meet you at the dam as you leave the Turquoise Lake Trail ... that splits this section up nicely and allows you leave with just the standard 2 bottles, 4 gels and 2 salt stick caps.  

Poles ... I'd get rid of them here, but if you are faster with them than without them, go for it.