Part 5: Winfield to Twin Lakes

  • May Queen (13.5m)
  • Outward Bound (23.5m)
  •  Halfmoon II (30.5m)
  • Twin Lakes (39.5m)
  • Winfield (50m)
  • Twin Lakes (60.5m)
  • Halfmoon II (69.5m)
  • Outward Bound (76.5m)
  • May Queen (86.5m).
Notes:  Make sure you leave fully hydrated and fueled along with baggies for a resupply at Hopeless (water only there).  Attempt to run down to the Hope Pass Trail head as best as you can (some walking is expected, but do keep it to a minimum).  Poles will be very helpful heading up the steep climb to Hope Pass summit.  Much of the what was written for the first trip over applies.  Know it is shorter and steeper to summit on the Winfield side ... and that once a top Hope Pass, it is much more runnable down to Twin.  Lightning and storms ... nobody has died yet a top Hope Pass ... yet.  Best advise ... keep moving.  Understand bad weather should be EXPECTED on the return trip ... be ready for it.  Resupply at Hopeless efficiently and without delay.  Then, it's time to do some running.  Much of the downhill to the meadows is runnable and is easier on the legs than walking (be bonked and dehydrated though and walking is all that is possible ... very painful).  You want to get back to Twin before you need a flashlight ... I'd carry one (or a micro torch) just in case if you are in that 13-14 hour window at Winfield ... you'll need it (remember 12 hrs 30 minutes is just about right for a 30 hour runner at Winfield).

Don't get fancy on the tricky footing parts or the stream crossing ... take your time.

Understand that Twin on the second Pass eats a lot of runners ... 60 miles in ... still 40 to go.   Night is coming.  Crews are tired.  YOU are tired.  At Twin you will change into your night gear and possibly sit down for the first time in the race to do so.  Crews must be ready to assist you in that change.