Part 7: Halfmoon to Fish Hatchery (Outward Bound)

  • May Queen (13.5m)
  • Outward Bound (23.5m)
  •  Halfmoon II (30.5m)
  • Twin Lakes (39.5m)
  • Winfield (50m)
  • Twin Lakes (60.5m)
  • Halfmoon II (69.5m)
  • Outward Bound (76.5m)
  • May Queen (86.5m).
Halfmoon to Outward Bound  is an 'easy' section on basically flat dirt road and pavement.  Run & walk patterns are very effective here ... remember every minute you pick up is a minute you might need later.  Even a jog 40 counts and walk 20 counts will knock minutes off a mile done just walking.

You'll finally get to see your crew again at Outward Bound.  Again,  a pacer makes a huge difference.  Have one!