Inbound: Half Pipe / Treeline Crew Zone


Half Pipe / Treeline Crew Zone ( 39°11'31.53"N, 106°22'37.39"W)

  • Drive west
  • Arrive at aid station
From Leadville, take 24 South to CR 300 West. Make a left on 
CR 11, bear right at the fork onto CR 11a. Crew traffic must stay left on CR 11. There 
is adequate parking and crews will be able to meet their runners here. This is at 
approximately 27 miles. The aid station is about 3 miles south of this crew zone. No 
crew vehicle traffic south of the crew zone. No parking, stopping or aiding from the 
Fish Hatchery to Halfpipe crewing area and not during the outbound or return


  • Where to park
  • What to have ready
    • Fill water bottles, add perpetuem, etc
    • Optional bag
    • Foods
      • + 1 shot blocks
    • Clothes
      • No change should be needed here
    • Gear
      • No gear change should be needed here


  • Take old water bottle
  • Take trash
  • Take clothing layers
  • Provide fresh water bottles
  • Provide foods
  • motivate runners!